Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trees, Trees Everywhere!

I know, I'm a blogger slacker again!  I think the season is getting the best of me.  Anyway, here's a little post about my Christmas decorating obsession.  I apologize for the quality of these pictures...taken with my phone.  I have not taken the time to take  pictures with my real camera.  Another thing to add to the "to do" list.  I think for now we'll stick with the trees and that will leave me with something to write about on Friday, when I will post about my wonderful fireplace mantle.  I know, sounds exciting doesn't it?  I know you'll hardly be able to wait until then!  Oh well, you'll just have to ;-) 

My husband actually brought all my Christmas boxes in from the garage early this year.  I have to tell you, it almost gave me a coronary.  I don't think I've started decorating this early....well, it's been so long I can't even remember when I ever did decorate this early.  Probably when we were first married and all my Christmas stuff fit in one box that I could control.  That was probably the last time.  Over the years I have accumulated lots of Christmas "stuff".  I love decorating for Christmas.  I love the way the house looks when it's done and it gives me that cozy feeling I imagine people get who live where it snows.  When it's 75 on Christmas day, it's nice that you don't have to shovel anything, but it's kind of hard to get into the spirit.  Which is why I do go a little overboard, but it doesn't hurt anyone (except that hernia Dan gets every year hauling all the boxes in from the garage!) so I will keep decorating.  As of Sunday everything was decorated...even the trees.  Yes, I did say trees...plural.  I have three.  I have three trees and I still can't get all of my Christmas ornaments on them.  I told you I was obsessed.  The trees are a big project which my son reluctantly helps me with. 

I have the big tree (8ft) in my living room which is a you-know-what to put up.  It has to be meticulously "fluffed" and if I didn't love the end result so much, I would never spend that much time on something that only lasts a couple of weeks.  Most of the ornaments are Hallmark, because I'm obsessed with them also.  You can read more about that here.  Each one of my children gets at least two ornaments every year to add to their collection.  They already have enough ornaments to decorate a tree when they have their own place. 

I have two smaller trees in my dining room which evolved out of having too many ornaments to fit on the big tree.  This one has my collection of bear ornaments and resides in "Teddy Bear Corner".  I have collected Teddy Bears forever so this is my homage to them.

This one is all Santas and snowmen. 

I think they look really nice on either side of the hutch I inherited from my mom.

Ok, enough trees for one day.  Hope you are all enjoying the spirit of the season.

Merry Christmas!