Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Time to...Play Ball!

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training today.  This is one of my favorite days of the year.  It means baseball is just around the corner.  And I love baseball.  I love getting in my car after a long day at work, turning on the radio and listening to the sounds of the national past time.  In those moments I feel content.  Those moments take me right back to my childhood.

I remember my dad listening to games on the radio, and I would listen along.  Sometimes it played while we ate dinner.  Sometimes it played while my dad did yard work.  Sometimes it played while my dad took a nap.  In the beginning I had no idea what was going on, I was too young.  But I knew my dad loved it, so I did too.  Some of my earliest memories are of sitting with my dad and watching the game on TV.  In those days there was only one game a week on TV and it was on Saturday afternoon.  It was especially exciting if the Indians were playing.  That was my dad's team.  Those were the afternoons when I first learned what baseball was all about.  My dad explained the game and answered questions and created a lover of baseball. 

As I got older I continued to love the game and wanted to know everything about it.  I would read the sports page and devour the box scores.  By the time I was in sixth grade I was a baseball aficionado.  I changed my team to the Reds because John Fertman (yes that was his name, and despite it, I still had a crush on him) liked the Reds.  And then I fell in love with Johnny Bench.  I was all about catchers after that.  I became infatuated with my best friends brother, mostly because he was a catcher on our high school baseball team.  He became interested in me through our mutual love of baseball and Johnny Bench.  I eventually married him and now we love the Diamondbacks and Kirk Gibson. 

I love everything about baseball.  The fact that there's no time limit and you play until there's a winner...I LOVE that.  The back and forth strategy of opposing managers, the death stare of a pitcher, that there are as many ways to hit a baseball as there are hitters, the quirkiness of a closer.  I love it all.  So, yes, I am excited for the season to start, and I only have one more thing to say....

Play Ball!!

Quote for the Day:

Baseball is like church.  Many attend, few understand. 

~Leo Durocher~ 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy 100 Arizona!

Today the great state of Arizona celebrates it's centennial.  Perfect occasion for a mother/daughter blog.  Sarah and I will be blogging about Arizona.  I have no idea what she will say, but I bet she will complain about the heat at some point.  I know I will!

I am a native Arizonan.  My parents came here from Ohio in the 1950's because of my dad's asthma.  I sure wish they'd kept on going...right to San Diego.  It's not that I don't like Arizona.  I like it just fine.  In fact, when I was a kid I used to be really proud of being from the place with the big hole in the ground.  But, I hate the heat.  Always have, always will.  OK, no more about the heat.

I feel like all the weird stuff happens in Arizona.  I suppose other people feel that way about their states too.  But you have to admit, we've had a pretty good run of national publicity.  From Evan Mecham to Sheriff Joe, we have our fair share quirky personalities.  We've also had our fair share of polarizing issues.  From MLK Day to SB1070...Arizona likes to do things her way.  And I kind of like that about my state...'cause I'm kinda like that too. 

We have some interesting history too.  Like Tombstone.  I'm sure you've heard of the shootout at the OK Corral.  Don't believe everything you see in the didn't really happen that way.  Tombstone is a great place to visit.  If you ever get the chance, you should go. You won't learn the real history there either, they like to perpetuate the myth.  Those shootouts in the street are good for business.  If you like murder mysteries we have our fair share of those also.  None more grisly and fascinating than the case of Winnie Ruth Judd, known around these parts as The Trunk Murderess.  It really is a fascinating story and if you want to read more get this book...written by our very own Jana Bommersbach, an acclaimed journalist.  There's also the story of Don Bolles.  An investigative journalist who was assassinated for his reporting on the mafia in Arizona.  Our state is full of colorful stories about cowboys and Indians, pioneers and modern day hero's.  Gabrielle Giffords comes to mind.

Our state is beautiful, despite the heat (oops, sorry).  You can be in the desert and travel about 2 hours north and be in some of the most beautiful forests you've ever seen.  We call it the high country, or for traveling purposes...driving up the mountain.  I wish I could live there...on the mountain...but it's not economically feasible.  I keep dreaming for a summer home there.  Hopefully one day.  We also have a bridge brought piece by piece all the way from London.  I used to live in the city were the London Bridge resides.  Nice place to visit...and I'll just leave it at that.  The states natural beauty is beyond compare.  The Grand Canyon is only one of many canyons in our great state. Of course it's the biggest, and most impressive, but I believe some of the smaller ones are even more beautiful. My favorite: Walnut Canyon.  Gorgeous and full of history. The canyons aren't the only beautiful places.  There are so many but these are two of my favorites: Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest.  And last but not least, we have some of the most beautiful sunsets you'll ever lay your eyes on.  When I drive home at night, right into one of those sunsets...I remember why this is such a great place to live....that and the fact that I don't have to shovel anything in February.

We have our fair share of controversy and I've heard people talk about us like were a bunch of back water hicks.  They say our school systems are no good, that we're racist and we are too conservative.  Funny thing though, they keep moving we must be doing something right.  Either that or it just proves that people will put up with anything not to have to shovel snow.

I've really only scratched the surface of some of the wonderful, interesting and quirky things about my state. I could write so much more, but I'll let you off the hook.  I don't think I've ever put so many links in one post, but I really wanted to share my little corner of the world with you.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I really enjoyed writing it and it's given me an idea.  I think I'm going to make this a regular feature of my blog.  Every week I'll give you some random fact or other information about Arizona.  We'll probably all learn things we never knew before. (And maybe never wanted to know, but I'm gonna do it anyway!)

Now head on over to Sarah's blog...I'm really curious to see what she has to say about her native land.

Oh, and PS...I think we should get "cool" points for being the birth place of Alice Cooper  :-)

Friday, February 10, 2012

The War - Day Two

Now, before you start thinking that I will be posting everyday about my personal little war...fear not, I wouldn't do that to you.  But I just had to come and share a couple of things.

Thanks to all of you who commented either here or through Facebook.  It means a lot to me to know I have your support.  I know some of you are going through the same struggles I am and I think that sometime struggles seem less overwhelming when you face them together.  So I will be there for any of you who wish to use me as a sounding board, shoulder to cry on...whatever you need.  I in turn may be texting you at 11pm when the urge to eat Ben and Jerry's overtakes me.  You won't mind, will you?

One of my lovely readers said something in the comments yesterday that really spoke to me.  She said to take this one choice at a time.  What wise words.  I know all of this is about the choices you make, but somehow it doesn't seem so overwhelming if you only have to take it one choice at a time.  Because, lets face it, sometimes even taking it one day at time is too difficult.  Which brings me to this...

We have a farmer's market at work every payday Friday.  They have lots of fresh veggies and fruits.  They also have lots of other little booths where people sell their wares.  From jewelry to kids clothes, wood working to t-shirts....there is a lot of stuff.  They also have bread and pastries.  Now, I've been to the market many times.  I've bought some great Christmas gifts there.  What I have NEVER bought is a fruit or vegetable of any kind.  I've bought LOTS of bread and pastries.  Today I went to the farmers market and this is what I bought:

Red bell peppers, green bell peppers, zucchini, two of the most beautiful tomatoes you have ever seen and two of the biggest mushrooms I have ever seen.  Plus two large containers of strawberries.  I also bought some specialty pasta's which I plan to eat in moderation.  This is what I did NOT buy: 

Bread or pastries of any kind! 

Today I made a good choice and I feel strengthened by it.  In fact, I can't wait to get home so Sarah can cook dinner with those wonderful veggies!

My love to you all....thanks for the support!

(If you missed my blog from yesterday, you can find it here)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The War - Day One

In my last blog post I made you all a promise.  Lose weight and get healthy.  I've been thinking a lot about it, and that's about all I've been doing...thinking.  I'm going to be really open and honest here, probably more open than I've even been with myself.  I really, really, really loath myself.  Not all of me, just the part of me that can't seem to get my rear in gear and do what needs to be done.  I have tried and failed so many times, that I just quit trying.  And when I think about trying again, I become afraid.  Afraid of failure.  It's a vicious circle and not a fun one.  And logically it makes no sense...I know that.  So I'm coming here, baring my soul, and hoping to turn my head around.  I figure if I tell enough people about my whole ordeal then maybe it will be real to me too.  You know, if you say it enough times it becomes true...that kind of thing.  So here goes...

I am morbidly obese.  It hurts just to type that.  I hurt for all the things I've lost because I am fat.  So many things in life I want to do but don't, because it's hard for a fat person.  I hurt for making my children grow up with a fat mom.  I hurt for making my husband live with a fat wife.  None of us deserves what my being fat does to my family.  And I hurt for making myself unhealthy.  And I cry.  A lot.  When no one can see.  And after all of that, you would think it would make me want to change.  Apparently not.

I hate a lot of things about being fat.  I hate feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.  I hate not being able to buy clothes at a "normal" store.  I hate feeling like everyone in the grocery store is checking out what I have in my basket.  I hate having to take medication everyday that I wouldn't have to take if I'd just lose the weight.  I hate not being able to walk without getting winded.  I hate feeling guilty about most everything I put in my mouth.  I hate the shock and then the loathing I feel every time I see a picture of myself.  There's lots more...but you get the idea.  And even after all of that, you would think it would make me want to change.  Apparently not.

I realize that I may need the help of a professional to work out all the various emotions that are running around inside me.  But for now,  typing it out, and knowing I was going to be accountable to not just me, but all of you.  It helped.  And while I was working this post out in my head, I had a real "Ah ha" moment.  After I wrote about all of the things I hate about myself, I was going to write all about what a struggle it is to lose weight.  And then it hit me.  It's just as big a struggle being fat.  So it's a choice really.  Do I continue struggling as a fat person or do I start struggling to lose the weight?  I'm fed up with being a fat person, so I guess the choice is clear.

So what is next?  Well, being the list maker that I am, I have decided to make a daily check list of the things I want to do each day.  Eat right, exercise, positive thinking, etc.  My goal will be to have each thing checked off each day.  And it's visual, which I need.  It's so easy to "forget" when you don't write it down.  So that's my plan for now.

Last thing:  I want to address something I've read in many articles about weight loss.  Everyone talks about it being a journey.  That makes it sound like this nice trip that you planned.  Like you're going somewhere fun where sight seeing will be involved.  It's not's horrible, it stinks and there are no good sights to see.  Losing weight is war.  It's a war with your mind, body and soul.  And it's especially horrible if, like me, you hate to exercise.  But I have waged this war and I will not back down.  And I plan on winning.  I will keep you updated from time to time to let you know how the war is going. 

So what did I accomplish on day one of my war?  Being brutally honest and admitting how I feel.  Thanks for listening.  I appreciate your support.