Friday, September 16, 2011

My Realization

I have finally figured out why I don't write this thing on a regular basis. 

I have blog envy.

I'm sure this envy is not as bad as some other kinds of envy...which will remain nameless...but still, it's hampering my ability to have a meaningful relationship with my blog.  I have relationships with other blogs.  The women who write them kind of intimidate me.  They are all witty or wise or both and most of the time I feel I'm neither.  These women: Kelly, Sarah, Erin and Tara...just to name a few... write lovely, insightful, witty and charming blogs and you should go read them and marvel at their mastership of the blog.  I always wonder if my blog will measure up to their blogs.  Maybe I should stop comparing my blog to other blogs...but that's what you do when you have blog envy.

Part of the problem is...I'm kind of out of material.  If you read the ladies blogs I mentioned you'll notice all of them have kids who still reside with them.  Kids are an endless source of material.  All of my material has moved out of my house.  It's hard to write something funny and insightful about your husband whom you love to the ends of the earth, but just spends all his time at the softball field instead of fixing the shower.  And since I refuse to write about religion or politics, that really narrows my margin of usable material.  Oh and work, I can't write about work either.  God forbid someone at work would read it and then I'd get fired for social networking about work.  Then I'd be writing about being out of work...and I really don't want to go there.  Also, I have watched the move Julie and Julia way too many times.  I REALLY envy her blog.  But there is no way on earth I could write a blog about cooking unless you all want to know how to prepare anything that comes in a box or a can...then I'm your girl.  Or, I could write a blog about how I watch the Food Network religiously and still don't cook. (I also have cooking envy, but that's a topic for another post...hmmm...maybe if I just keep writing about nothing I'll come up with things to write about!).  I could write a blog about crocheting or books, both of which I know lots about, but really, that just sounds boring to me.  So I need some material people...and quick. 

When I started this blog I envisioned writing all about a busy mom who is no longer busy because her kids are all grown up and don't need her anymore, and how hard that transition is.  Come to find's not so hard after all.  I actually kind of like having no where to go on a regular basis.  I like having only me to answer to and I REALLY like the fact that I won't have to have anything to do with any kind of school politics ever. again. amen.  Plus, I can't write about my kids now because they are all adults and I really don't think they would appreciate their lives being fodder for my blog.  When they were minors they had no choice and I used them liberally but now they have a reasonable expectation of privacy that I feel I must obey.  So much for the kid material.

Maybe I should get a dog.....

Quote for the Week:

"Envy comes from people's ignorance of, or lack of belief in, their own gifts."  ~Jean Vanier~