Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Summer Vacation, Part 1: Photos

As promised, here are some pictures from the first two days of our trip to DC. Hope you enjoy.

Crime and Punishment Museum:

Bonnie and Clyde's car

The Set of America's Most Wanted

Navy Memorial:

These two pictures are the center of the Navy Memorial. All around this are small memorials to different branches of the Navy. As you can see in the pictures the surface is two toned and makes a map of the world. Well, anyone who's smart enough to look sees that. I, however, thought that the ground was wet and just starting to dry in spots. In my defense, it honestly looked wet and I think it's harder to see when you're standing right on top of it. Anyway, everyone had a good laugh at my expense. I do what I can to keep everyone happy......

National Archives:

Some of these pictures are hard to see because you're not allowed to use a flash and everything is under glass but you get the basic idea. They're old and faded. The one that got to me the most was the rough draft of the Constitution. You can actually see where they edited it and wrote notes in the margin. Great stuff!

These two portraits flank the documents in the rotunda:

The Declaration of Independence:

So faded you can barely see it even with the naked eye. Most of the signatures are not even recognizable, even so, it is still moving to be in it's presence.

Declaration of Independence

Rough draft of the Constitution

First page of the Constitution

Bill of Rights

Nationals Park:

Beautiful ball park. But where's the roof?

So there you have it. Some pictures of vacation part 1.
I will be blogging this weekend on the next two days we spent in DC. One day was spent outside in the record heat and humidity, but we still made the most of it even though we were wilting. The next day was spent more indoors, which was nice and included my favorite place in DC.


  1. Awesome pictures! My nephew would like to go to a Nationals' game someday. He loves to visit DC. So many amazing things to see in DC. I think I'll ask you to be my travel planner when I finally go :) Happy Friday, Gerri!

  2. Stop #1, Crime and Punishment museum. Okay, got it written down.