Friday, October 9, 2009

Under Achieving

I had a co-worker tell me today that she thought I should aim my sights higher when it comes to my job. She feels I'm smart, organized and very detailed oriented. I agree with the last two and was flattered by the first. She thinks I'm wasting my talents in my current position. I, however, really like what I do. I'm sure part of it is a comfort level. I've been in my current position about 7 years. I will celebrate my 19th anniversary at the hospital next month. I've worked in lots of different departments and done a myriad of different jobs and this is by far my favorite. I'm in a place where I'm very autonomous and not micromanaged. Those two things are very important to me.

Her comments got me to thinking though. Is liking your job and being comfortable enough, or should you try to challenge yourself? Should I give up a working environment which makes me very happy for one that may drive me crazy? I've interviewed for a couple of other positions during my tenure at my current one. I was offered those jobs and eventually turned them down because I'm scared of getting into a job that I dread going to everyday. Been there, done that.....don't want to do it again. Is having a more prestigious position worth possibly being miserable while working?

And then there is this: I'm liking my life right now. My kids are well adjusted adults who really don't need me anymore except for moral support. I can pick up and go when I want and I'm not accountable to anyone but Dan when I get home from work. I'm so comfortable in my position that I'm able to leave it at work. When I walk out the door I rarely think of work until I walk back in the next day.

I know my answer, and that is that I will stay where I'm at and be happy, comfortable and yes complacent. My question is this:

Do you think it's wrong to not use the potential you know you have and instead are just complacent with what you've got. Does that make you an under achiever? Is that a bad thing? I wonder........

(after reading this back I just want to say that I do realize how lucky I am that 1) I have a job at all and 2) there are options for me to move to another job if I wanted to. I know that is a rare thing in this economy and I am very grateful and thankful)


  1. I think liking your job and being comfortable is wonderful. It seems a good place to be in, allowing you the space and time to enjoy the other parts of your life as well. If you're happy, I'd say enjoy!

  2. I think as long as your happy you should stay. A lot of people aren't happy with their jobs you're lucky to be happy with your job as well. I don't think you're an under achiever...your job has made it so you could be with us more and we could all grow up to be those well-adjusted (well, most of the time anyway) adults you claim to have! :)

  3. Aww, Sarah, that was sweet....

  4. If you're happy, that is all that matters. Enjoy these moments. You're not an underachiever in anyway. You know you. Your soul and mind are leading you in the right direction.

    Thanks so much Gerri for your kind words on my post today. You made me feel so much better :)

  5. I agree with the others, you need to go with what YOU are feeling, that is what matters most. :)

  6. Not too many of us can say we are happy with our jobs. You are fortunate, and that does not make you an underachiever.

    Visiting from septembermom's blog. :)

  7. Hi Gerri! I left an award for you on my blog today!