Friday, July 5, 2013

Tiger Says...

So I decided to come write this post because it's been exactly one year since I came to live at the Clem Castle.  The family is pretty much the same except for the girl that brought me here.  She moved away and didn't even take me with her.  Can you believe that?  I was kind of looking forward to getting away from the big guy that hounds me constantly when he's home.  I know he means well, but jeez guy, give it a rest.  I don't like you and no amount of cajoling is going to change it.  He does not take rejection well at all.  But I do have to thank him for taking me to the doctor when I was sick.  I really HATED being put in the little cage for the ride in the car.  I cried all the way there. But I guess it was worth it because I felt a lot better after the doctor gave me a shot. Oh, and there was that one time that there were about a thousand people AND a dog (shudder) in my house all at the same time.  Mom cooked a bunch of food (of which I got none, mind you!) and all these people came to eat and talk and they caused such a racket.  And the dog, well, I just can't even explain what the dog was like.  I just went and hid under my mom's bed, it was all too much for me to handle.  But after all the people and the dog left, the big guy picked me up and carried me around the house so I could see the coast was clear and it was ok to come out again.  That was really nice of him, so I tolerate him, and I let him pet me when no one else is around, but that's as far as I'm letting it go.

I still like my mom the best.  She says she's not a cat person but I beg to differ.  She gives me treats and pets me whenever I want to be petted.  She puts up with my "talking" when it's time to eat...I can be very annoying with that, but hey, I'm a cat...I want what I want when I want it.  I don't get why that's so hard to understand.  I mostly sit on the back of her chair and watch her play with that string she won't let me touch.  That's really the only time she gets mad at me, so I try really hard to be good about that.  But sometimes a cat just can't help herself.  When things move, sometimes I just gotta pounce, you know?

I still like the boy a lot too.  He is always good for some petting and cuddling when I'm in the mood.  His room is cool and quiet.  I like it in there.

My family has provided me with some really cool toys.  I love batting them around the house and then taking off like a crazy cat and zooming all over the place.  I mostly do it for the families reaction...they think it's hilarious so who am I to spoil their fun.  They are very easily entertained. 

I'm still kinda freaked out by the spinning things on the ceiling.  I try really hard not to look at them but sometimes I just have to take a peak to see if they are still spinning.  I peak and then look away quickly.  So far they have remained on the ceiling, but I don't want to tempt fate by letting them know I know they are there.  Hopefully someday they will go away...although I'm not holding my breath because my mom seems to REALLY like those spinney things.  I think she's crazy.

When I'm not eating, sleeping or chasing toys I like to sit in the window sill in the living room or by the back door and look out the windows.  It looks very interesting out there but I'm not allowed to find out.  The one time I did venture out the back door I got into a lot of trouble, so I guess I won't do that again.

All in all, life is pretty good here at the Clem Castle.  I pretty much have every single one of them (even the big guy) wrapped around my little paw.  Yes, life is good!

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