Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some things are meant to be....

This was a busy week and I got most everything done that needed to be done. My daughter is here. She made it out of DC just before they closed the airport because of the big storm. It's good to have her home and it makes everything feel right with the world. My plan for this week was to have all the decorating done before she got home. I got everything done except for the big tree in the living room. I was disapointed but it was what it was. Little did I know, it was meant be that way for a reason, more about that later.

Here are some pictures of my trees. These trees are the result of my Hallmark obscession which I have talked about before. I think about 90% of the ornaments on the three trees are Hallmark ornaments I have collected over the past 30 years. I don't think the pictures really do them justice, especially the big tree. You can't see the lights which always makes the tree more magical , but they're the best I could get.

The Teddy Bear Tree

The Snowmen and Santa Tree

The two together
This is a Barbie tree I decorated for Sarah. She's been collecting these ornaments since she was about 10. I thought it would be a nice surprise to do a tree in her room. She loved it.

Now for my little revelation. I was disapointed that I didn't get the big tree in the living room done before Sarah got home. We got it set up and put the lights on last night after she came home. This morning she and I decorated it. This picture is the result. We had such a good time decorating while listening to Christmas music. While we were decorating I realized that so often I worry about having things perfect rather than just letting things happen as they will. This decorating experience really brought home to me that sometimes things are just meant to be and I need to accept it. If I had gotten the tree decorated I would have missed a wonderful time with my daughter which is so important since I don't get to be with her very often. So this was a lesson learned for me and one I hope I can apply in my everyday life. As the Beatles so aptly said....."Let It Be"
If I don't get back here before Christmas, which is good possibility, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a blessed and joyous holiday with family and friends.


  1. Merry Christmas Gerri!! You are filled with the Christmas spirit. I love all your trees. They are beautiful :) Enjoy every moment with your family.

  2. Your trees are so beautiful.The two on either side of Mom's old hutch look so cool the way you did them. It's nice to see that hutch again and see how wonderful you've used it in your decorating. Love you,Art