Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Finally Here!!! And Other Randomness

So fall has finally decided to show her little head to all us desert dwellers.  I was starting to was 102 last Saturday...I had lost all hope.  Then we had a storm which dumped huge amounts (well, huge for this part of the world) of water and even some hail:

Ours was the size of a shooter remember those don't you?  Some area's of town had golf ball size hail and there was a lot of damage all around town, fortunately that part skipped us.  The storm really cooled down the temps and it was 64 when I went to work this morning.  It was heaven.  So, yeah, I'm looking forward to the weeks to come.

Something else that comes with!!  The season starts this weekend.  I'm excited for the games to begin, and hopefully my Coyotes will fare better than my poor D-Backs.  The Coyotes seem to be our only hope this fall since the Cardinals look like they're going back to the pre-Kurt Warner days...lose, lose and lose again.  I sure wish Kurt hadn't given up his cleats for dancing shoes......

Last Saturday Dan and I had our anniversary party.  Lots of family and friends with us to share the was lovely and I feel very blessed indeed.  Everyone took lots of pics which still have not been downloaded or emailed to me....I'll share some of those when I get them.  I did take this picture with my phone, I wanted a picture of the kids to post on Facebook.  This picture proves that no matter how old they get, I still cannot get a decent picture of the three of them together without some kind of tomfoolery going on.  It's so frustrating....every year since they were little, trying to get a picture for the Christmas card went something like this:

Beth nothing, Sarah dutifully trying not to Beth, and Stephen being irritated with both of them and the whole picture taking in general.  I guess the more things change the more they stay the same...they're still cute...even when they irritate me :o)

As you can tell from my backround change, I'm really in the mood to decorate for Halloween.  I think that's going to be my project for this weekend.  I usually wait for Dan to pull stuff out of the garage which means that I never decorate because Mr. Procrastinator never gets the stuff out.   This year I'm going to take my life in my hands and get the stuff out myself.  One of two things is going to happen: I may injure myself trying to get the stuff out of the garage or my husband may injure me for daring to mess with his unorganized organization.  I'll let you know what happens.

OK, that's enough randomness for one day.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Quote for the Week:

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
~Albert Camus (1913-1960)~


  1. I love everything about this post....the hail, hockey season, goofy pictures...good times.

    I also love your background!

  2. Thanks sweetie! I'm glad you enjoyed it.