Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Power of Prayer

I'm going to apologize in advance for any mistakes in this post.  I haven't slept in 36 hours.  I am exhausted beyond belief.  But I have to put my thoughts down now while they are fresh in my brain.

Yesterday evening my son-in-law, Adam, fell 20 feet and fractured his spine in three places.  He had to be air lifted to a trauma center.  He had no feeling below his belly button.  In the beginning things were confusing and scary and as the night wore on they were down right frightening.  I knew I was going to need a lot of help with this. 

I contacted my siblings and my OKC family.  We are a huge group.  I asked for their prayers.  Many of them asked others to pray.  My daughter Sarah contacted her friends all over the country.  Adam's family called on all of their family. Eventually we had whole congregations of people who didn't even know Adam praying for him.  The whole thing gave me a great sense of peace. 

Prayer works people!  Adam had the best outcome possible at this time.  His spinal cord is intact but severely bruised. At this point it is a waiting game to see how he recovers from this. The swelling and bruising have to heal.  We are choosing to be positive and feel that he will regain complete function.  He is a strong and determined young man.  I have no doubt that he will do whatever it takes to rehab from this.  It is going to be a long and difficult road but I have faith in him.

You know, in the world we live in it is very easy to become cynical and lose sight of the goodness in people.  Today the goodness was overflowing.  Just to know that there were literally hundreds of people, many who didn't even know him, praying for his filled my heart to overflowing.  I can never express how grateful I am for all the prayers and positive energy.  Please continue to pray for his recovery and for strength for his wife, my daughter, Beth.

I must find a pillow now.  But before I do I need you all to know how grateful I am for all of your prayers.  Thank you to everyone I know and everyone I don't know.  My heart is overflowing with love for you all. 

Prayer works people!  Our God is an awesome God!  Praise and thanksgiving to Him for all of todays blessings.


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