Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't Turn Your Back on the TV

I have decided that appliances are passive aggresive.  At least mine are.  Instead of just asking nicely to go live somewhere else, they do sneaky things to make you get rid of them. 

My old washing machine for instance, decided to not stop filling up one morning as I lay in bed reading.  I went to check on the laundry an hour later and stepped into a hallway full of water.  Water which had run out the laundry room, through the garage, down the driveway and into the gutter...running away...ever so passively.  She was promptly replaced with a newer, happier model.  So far our relationship is good, but I don't turn my back for long.

My old refrigerator peed on my floor...constantly.  She has been replaced by this beauty.  She has already acted out once by eliminating ice onto the floor...we'll see how this relationship progresses.

Two nights ago I was happily watching my lovely flat screen TV. He and I have spent many enjoyable hours wasting time together, watching forensics shows, scary ghost stories and of course the Food Network.  I thought he was happy.  I left the room for no more than 3 minutes and when I returned...he had taken away the picture.  He left the sound but took away the picture.  I had no idea he was unhappy...all had been well until then.  Now I am watching an old, 500 lb, non HD compatible TV that was hibernating in my garage.  All I can say is, I hope he doesn't hold a grudge for being banished to the garage because I cannot afford to replace him right now. 

I'm going home now to make nice with my computer....

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